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WWL3, Golden Angel and the Shadow Spectre by Brawrloxoss WWL3, Golden Angel and the Shadow Spectre :iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 8 27 Zoe, Undead 2, Zombie Princess cover by Brawrloxoss Zoe, Undead 2, Zombie Princess cover :iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 8 9
When Shahly met Ralligor
Mountains of tan stone streaked with orange and red stood ahead of her.  Snow capped only the highest peaks.  No trees grew on their slopes; they were just bare stone.
Untold hours had passed when Shahly stopped and looked around her.  Nearly all cover was gone; only round clumps of brush, many different cacti and boulders dotted the landscape.  The ground, which was very soft beneath her hooves, was tan and red sand, speckled by red, pink, gray and black pebbles.  The air was very dry and the sun was already uncomfortably hot.
Traveling on the breeze were the faint smells of nectars, some sweet and others bitterly unpleasant.  Even in this desolation, Shahly could smell many animals and occasionally a bird would sing from one of the bushes or tall cacti that somehow grew in this forbidding land.
She looked behind her, unable to see her human pursuers, but knowing they were following her, feeling their presence in the distance, especially the black haired
:iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 2 12
                                                  CHAPTER 1
"Mom, what's wrong with you?" a teenage girl's voice demanded from behind.
Doctor Amanda Evans was considered something of a rogue in her field, a robotics genius with an eccentric flair that had most of her colleagues scoffing at her.  Only about five foot six, she wore her hair short and manageable, hair that had gone white when she was not even twenty.  She was not quite forty and had given up trying to color it, instead just keeping it snow white and short atop her head and wearing it proudly as a badge of her hard work and everything she had gone through.  This day she still wore her white lab coat, one
:iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 7 5
Normally, four heavily armed men would not be much of an issue.  The corridor they strode down was rather wide, poorly lit and obviously underground.  Three men could comfortably walk abreast, but the four soldiers in black body armor were content to walk behind him.  The arched, stone or concrete ceiling was nine feet high and Bane glanced up a couple of times, tempted by something from a lingering boyhood to reach up and bat at one of the lights that hung from the conduit that ran along the peak of the ceiling.  Still dressed in the orange jumpsuit of the maximum security prison facility he was destined for, he still had the size of the mercenary who had been created in the Caribbean many years ago.  Since then, his augmented strength had remained with him, though not at the level the super steroid Venom had given him.  While it had helped make him what he was, he loathed it now.  Still, he would continue to use the strength it had given him, and his almost super human intellect.  Th
:iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 10 20
Late morning brought a new day and new possibilities.  While sleep had been elusive, she had finally drifted off and slept soundly through the rest of the night.  The sun was climbing high and shining through her window, making bright ribbons of white and yellow light through a gap between the curtains.
Having forced herself to forget about the most recent fight between her parents, she sat up and a little smile found her lips as she stretched.  Slipping from beneath the blankets, she stretched more, this time falling into more of an athlete's regiment as she fell into a daily routine of stretching each muscle group to prepare it for the coming day.  Her head no longer hurt.  Her Amazon metabolism and healing power had taken stock of the injuries from the night before and she felt as fresh as ever.  Still wearing the running shorts and pink tee shirt, she found the morning rather chilly and padded to the wardrobe across the room when she had finished her s
:iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 11 9
Metallo and his men had been thoughtful enough to completely disable the alarm system, so quietly entering through the back was rather easy.  Batman had taught Golden Angel the art of picking locks and she proved to be a quick study, so even the security lock into the back of the bank proved to be no match for her.
Once inside, she quietly negotiated her way through the back offices, cubicles and the office equipment and crept toward the front where she expected to find the hostages.  Freeing them was her top priority and Atom and Huntress had agreed.  In fact, they had surprised her by embracing her plan.
The lobby was ahead of her and her eyes narrowed as she crouched down and silently approached.  This small hallway emptied out behind the teller's stations and she could see some activity out there, but no hostages.  Peering around the corner, she saw the door to the vault standing ajar, then she saw movement out of the corner of her eye and shifted her atten
:iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 11 12
Alfred had his eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel of Bruce Wayne's late model limousine, but still he smiled and shook his head.
"I know I can get this right," Elissa assured.  The morning found her in the seat across from her father, facing the rear of the car.  She was dressed in a light gray business suit with a white blouse and a knee length skirt that was the light gray of her jacket.  Black, thin strapped high heeled shoes did not look comfortable, though she did not complain.  Her hair was worn in a bun; she had new oval glasses on and a pencil behind her ear, another in the bun of her hair.  In her lap was what appeared to be a leather bound schedule with a couple hundred pages within.
Bruce sat across from her wearing a very expensive black suit with a dark gray tie and white shirt.  The armrests at his sides were folded down, his elbows rested on them and he had his fingers laced in front of him as his eyes scrutinized the young woman i
:iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 12 1
Zoe, Undead, Chapter 1
                                                      Zoe, Undead
This story would not have been possible without the large numbers of people who bugged me tirelessly to write a zombie story.
Zoe herself owes her existence to my boy Ryan, a young man who is a video game playing, heavy metal head-banging dude who has Asperger's Syndrome and who Zoe was designed after.  Many of Zoe's mannerisms and quirks are those I've seen in Ryan over the years, and it's become abundantly clear that he does not suffer from Asperger's, he seems to enjoy his life with it!  We should all be so lucky as to spend even a day seeing things through the eyes of those with autism, as they can see many things far more clearly in many ways than those who consider themselves "normal."
Being the parent of an autistic child is something of a daily adventure, but through all
:iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 3 8
ROSE O'SCARLETT... Chapter 1
                                                           CHAPTER 1
                                                         Wanted woman
Festive as always, the tavern on the outskirts of town was a smoky, noisy place, but those at the round, wooden card table in the center of the room barely noticed.  This was a sturdy place but of poor construction.  Many of the wooden planks that made up the floor were twisted and bowed up and creaked when they were stepped on.  The bar was old and made largely from the wood of wrecked ships, and the three people working behind it were kept busy by the patrons who haunted the place frequently.  Almost all were mariners, men and a few women
:iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 4 1
Zoe, Undead by Brawrloxoss Zoe, Undead :iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 7 8 Hunters of Darkness by Brawrloxoss Hunters of Darkness :iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 6 0 MOTHER AND DAUGHTER by Brawrloxoss MOTHER AND DAUGHTER :iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 134 18 WWL2, THE RISE OF GOLDEN ANGEL by Brawrloxoss WWL2, THE RISE OF GOLDEN ANGEL :iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 125 35
They returned to the mansion in high spirits and Elissa seemed to have forgotten about her failure with Scarecrow.  Clinging to her mother's arm as they entered, she laughed and declared, "You have got to be kidding!  And she knew nothing about it?"
  "I didn't keep many secrets from your grandmother," Diana admitted, "but some things are much better left unsaid."
  "That is just totally wicked," the girl said with a laugh.
  "Just don't get any ideas," Diana warned.  "I'm way ahead of you on that."
  "I believe you, Mom.  Hey!  Maybe we can, like, go and do a Justice League mission or something.  It would be all kinds of fun!"
  With a little smile, Diana confirmed, "Sure, I'd like that.  But not until I get you clearance, understand?"
  "Yes, Mom."
  "And I think your father would like some time with you as well.  Do you think you can g
:iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 17 36
Elissa moaned softly and rocked her head to the left, then the right, and her eyes opened to thin slits.  She blinked and struggled to bring the world around her into focus.  Drawing a deep breath, she tried to make sense of where she was, how she got there…
  Anxiety surged up again and quickly she felt herself near panic as she looked around her.  When she tried to sit up, a strap around her chest stopped her.  Trying to raise her hands to remove it revealed that she was cuffed to the bed she lay on.  Looking down at herself, she saw that she was only covered with a white sheet and white wool blanket, and over these were leather restraints over her legs and hips and she could feel her ankles cuffed and strapped down beneath the sheet.  Her eyes darted about.  This looked like the Batcave, and yet it did not.  Drawing a deep breath, she tried to calm herself and reason out what had happen, w
:iconbrawrloxoss:Brawrloxoss 18 7


Sigyn, Goddess and Wife of Loki by ofSkySociety Sigyn, Goddess and Wife of Loki :iconofskysociety:ofSkySociety 6,693 190 Amy by Raichiyo33 Amy :iconraichiyo33:Raichiyo33 13,273 393 Unicorn Foal Art Acrylic Painting on Wood Box by Mocten Unicorn Foal Art Acrylic Painting on Wood Box :iconmocten:Mocten 39 5 personajes fanaticos religiosos by rasec-dragon-91 personajes fanaticos religiosos :iconrasec-dragon-91:rasec-dragon-91 2 0 Golden Angel commission by phil-cho Golden Angel commission :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 334 47 Lynn meets Fiontan by dashinvaine Lynn meets Fiontan :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 258 9 Megacon 2017 Ariel 2 by kingofthedededes73 Megacon 2017 Ariel 2 :iconkingofthedededes73:kingofthedededes73 4 0 Defiance - Close up by silvermoonnw Defiance - Close up :iconsilvermoonnw:silvermoonnw 99 1 Wonder Woman Markers by Marc-F-Huizinga Wonder Woman Markers :iconmarc-f-huizinga:Marc-F-Huizinga 265 27 Pirates - whipped by DocRedfield
Mature content
Pirates - whipped :icondocredfield:DocRedfield 57 9
WW CrisDelara Fan Image by CrisDelaraArt WW CrisDelara Fan Image :iconcrisdelaraart:CrisDelaraArt 1,421 91 Aria by ArtbySandiJohnson Aria :iconartbysandijohnson:ArtbySandiJohnson 123 76 Some Enchanted Evening by ArtbySandiJohnson Some Enchanted Evening :iconartbysandijohnson:ArtbySandiJohnson 129 48 First Born by ArtbySandiJohnson First Born :iconartbysandijohnson:ArtbySandiJohnson 66 17 WONDER WOMAN by DouglasShuler WONDER WOMAN :icondouglasshuler:DouglasShuler 1,836 229 Spirit of Freedom at KWAY by htfshimmer Spirit of Freedom at KWAY :iconhtfshimmer:htfshimmer 1 2



United States
In a nutshell, I'm a writer. Writing fiction is what I do. I currently have four books on the market, a couple in editing, three more I'm picking at and another--Wonder Woman: Legacy--that was written to be a fundraising tool for the fight against breast cancer. It is posted here on my page for your enjoyment while I try and get DC on board.

I'm here on DeviantART for two reasons: One, I love unique artwork and Deviant is the place to find it! Two, This is where I found the artists whose work graces the covers and interiors of my books. They are Sandi Johnson (goldenSalamandar) who has done covers and interior artwork for SHAHLY'S QUEST, A PRINCESS IN TRADE, BOUNTY ON A DRAGON, and the upcoming UNICORN'S PERIL; and Jeff Fairbourn (Faile35) who rendered the image for ROSE O'SCARLETT AND THE VENGEANCE OF CANNONFLASH JONES. Enjoy, and contact me if there's anything you'd like to know.

Current Residence: Blanco, Texas, USA!
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Classic Rock
Favourite cartoon character: The Brain
Personal Quote: Life is not the sweet taste of victory. Life is the glory of the battle.
Okay, Zoe, Undead 2 is in editing and the artwork, brought to you by :iconheroforpain: is in the works!  I'm loving the feel of the new cover art!  Zach's really nailed the feel of the scene on the cover, tense, sinister and oh so dark!  I think I'm going to like this one more than the first one.  I just hope the story will live up to it.
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